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LIPSYNCH returns to Quebec-Rick on cover of Voir

LIPSYNCH, on a world tour that has now taken it to 10 countries, returns to Canada as part of the Carrefour international de théâtre in Québec City, 3 SHOWS ONLY, June 3,4,5 2011.  1pm-10pm.  read Voir Quebec cover story on Rick Miller.  Review in Le Soleil.

Robert Lepage and Ex Machina's epic 9-hour production LIPSYNCH continues to wow the world.  Lepage, Rick Miller and 8 other actor/writers from around the world have created this monumental epic production themed around the human voice: its capability and limitations, its layers of meaning, and the secrets and lies it conceals.  It has now toured Canada, the UK, France, Spain, Australia, Russia, the USA, Austria, Italy and Taiwan.

From the Carrefour website:

His interest in the forms of expression of the world’s oldest musical instrument – the voice – and the technologies related to it, led Robert Lepage to create Lipsynch, his most recent multicultural and intergenerational saga, following The Dragon Trilogy and The Seven Branches of the Ota River.

Nine hours. This is how long the epic lasts, barely longer than the flight from Frankfurt to Montreal with which the story begins and ends. Over a period of nine hours the destinies of nine characters, both dark and luminous, interweave and relay each other in an incredible mosaic of encounters that range from moving to tragic to ferociously funny. Above the Atlantic Ocean, a young woman dies in silence, holding in her arms a small child. Alerted by the baby’s crying, an opera singer sharing the same flight adopts the child who, on reaching adulthood, seeks to retrace his origins. The incident will provoke a butterfly effect that will have lasting consequences for the lives of characters from various backgrounds and four different generations, whose peregrinations on three continents we follow.

A fascinating work in which human fragility is confronted with the most contemporary concerns. Since its creation at Northern Stage in Newcastle in 2007, Lipsynch has been performed in the Canary Islands, the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Australia, the United States, Austria, Italy, Taiwan and Montreal. Carrefour international de théâtre is pleased to welcome Robert Lepage for this eighth collaboration since the creation of the festival in 1992.

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