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Special MacHomer shows in Sweden

MAC is back! Rick Miller will be performing his one-man extravaganza MacHomer for a special week of shows in Sweden.

The MacHomer run in Sweden is being presented by Regina Theatre, an ambitious theatre company based in Uppsala: one performance in Stockholm at the Scala Theatre, followed by four performances in nearby Uppsala.
This is a very significant event for Regina Theatre, who specialize in bringing international work to Scandinavian audiences. The MacHomer run is timed with the designation of 2014 as “The Year of Peace” in Uppsala, celebrating 100 years of peace in Sweden. To commemorate this – as well as the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth – they have invited two internationally-acclaimed Macbeth productions to Sweden: our own, and one from Companhia do Chapitô (Portugal). Their goal is to explore the consequences of war, violence and power-abuse through two very different interpretations of Shakespeare’s tragedy.
What sealed the deal for WYRD Productions is Regina Theatre’s proposed outreach to students at Uppsala University, where they will integrate Machomer into the school curriculum. For the past 5 years, we have been developing digital educational outreach modules, using MacHomer as a way to teach literacy in English schools around the world. This run in Sweden presents us with a new opportunity to broaden our reach and enhance our outreach materials.


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