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BOOM Reviews and Stories from Calgary "*****" (Herald, Sun)

"BOOM is a stunning achievement, whether you connect with it as a history lesson, a love story or both.
It’s a show that stars and ends, not with a whimper, but with booming inventiveness."
(Calgary Herald review)
"***** (5 stars) ASTONISHING!... " (Calgary Sun)

We will also features stories inspired by BOOM, recorded after the performance, and posted to our EncyclopediaCanada.com site on the Kidoons Network. For more info or to add your story to our tapestry of Canadian tales, please click here.

THE KIDOONS NETWORK: Where BOOM connects to our other onstage productions (like Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea), and to our many online web series (like The Greatest Lakes: a Jerry Muskrat Adventure, Go West, Young Bear: a Buster Bear Adventure, and many others). Whenever we tour BOOM to a city, we meet with local organizations whose themes echo the themes within our shows. We then partner with these organizations to create new episodes in our web series, connecting them to our national storylines on the network.


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